Marinaís father is an insect. Itís a recent change, but Marina is nevertheless proud of him. One day, Marina comes across a wizard that will introduce her to the world of bubbles. She will discover that, sometimes, some people use magic to turn people into insects, like BUG DADDY.

Marinaís father has become an insect. They used to live in a beautiful house on the outskirts of the city, but now they struggle in a small apartment downtown. However, Marina is happy and proud of her father. She doesnít care that her dad itches her when she kisses his cheek. Now she gets to know many beasts and monsters, friends of her fatherís, and she likes that! One day, Marina bumps into a magician who will reveal a magical world full of bubbles to her. In the hands of bad and covetous people, these bubbles become cages for people like her father, turning them into bugs and other beasts. But what Marina doesnít know is that this bubble magician will change her and her fatherís life, showing them the power of real magic.

A short film shot in stereoscopic 3D.
Script and direction: Jorge Carrasco.
Cast: Yamila Carrasco, Miquel GarcŪa Borda and Pep Bou.

Bug Daddy is a production of Antŗrtida and Alter Ego, in collaboration with APUNTOLAPOSPO, TVC and ICAA.


El Mag de Papa Insecte


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