Barça  will collaborate with Second Origin

Football Club Barcelona will collaborate with the production companies Antàrtida and El Virgili in the production and coverage of the film Second Origin

Antàrtida’s executive producers, Carles Porta and Oscar Rodríguez (on either side of the photo), and the coproducer and director Bigas Luna, presented the project Second Origin to the president of F.C. Barcleona, Sandro Rosell, and the club’s audiovisual manager, Manel Arroyo.

Barça’s executives were very enthusiastic about the film; they stated that the club will allow the film to be shot at Camp Nou and will collaborate in the coverage and promotion of the film, among other initiatives that will be known at a later date.



Oscar Rodríguez , Manel Arroyo, Sandro Rosell, Bigas Luna and Carles Porta


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