I ONLY THINK OF YOU (Sólo pienso en ti)

Thirty years ago, Víctor Manuel composed Sólo pienso en ti (I only think of you), a song that soon became a huge success. The protagonists of the song were Antonio and Mari Luz, two disabled people living together in a centre in Córdoba. 30 years later, we recover their story. They became and still are a model for many young handicapped people fighting to live a normal life.

Thirty years ago, Víctor Manuel composed a love song about Antonio and Mari Luz, two disabled people who fall in love. The song was very successful and, over the years, has become a musical landmark for whole generations. The song is not only about love, but also about personal improvement. It tells a real story, the story of two disabled people who fall in love and fight tirelessly for the right to enjoy their love.

Thirty years later, the young foundation Crisálida organizes a great party to present its literary awards. This year, the celebration is in honour of the song Solo pienso en ti and its protagonists: Víctor Manuel, who performs at the party, and Antonio and Mari Luz, who leave their home town of Cabra (Córdoba) for the first time ever to attend such a deserved homage.

The documentary tells the story of Antonio and Mari Luz, explaining their situation, experiences, fights, etc... Today they are not an exception, but 30 years ago they were just a couple of disabled people like so many others; the priest refused to marry them and they didn’t receive any kind of social aid. Antonio and Mari Luz had three children, but it wasn’t easy. 30 years later, sitting in her small bedroom, Mari Luz cries at having been unable to take care of her children better...

We will also see some artistic groups formed by people with some kind of disability getting ready to perform at the party. They are not nervous; these groups have extensive experience, talent and a strong will to better themselves. They are fighters, young people that say it to us straight: why not? Dancers, theatre actors, musicians, writers and artists in general rehearse choreographies, small theatre plays and musicals. They will all meet at Camporrells, where their complex-free performances will capture our hearts.


Production company: Antàrtida Produccions Audiovisuals
Director: Judith Colell
Executive Producers: Carles Porta, Óscar Rodríguez
Line producer: Tània Balló
Production manager: Cristina Sánchez
Directors of photography: Neus Ollé and Jimmy Gimferrer
Editor: Jorge Carrasco
Sound: Kiko Abarquero and Marc Soldevila


Title: Sólo pienso en ti (I only think of you)
Duration 57’
Filming format: HD 16:9
Final format: SP Betacam/ HD Betacam


Víctor Manuel, Mari Luz and Antonio

A group of artists

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