Marta Altarriba became Catalonia’s best speller after winning the 4th National Final of Pica Lletres!

The victory of the 4th National Final, held at Cervera’s Gran Teatre de la Passió, was for Marta Altarriba after she spelled properly the word ‘assiriobabilònic’ (Assyrian-Babylonian).

The renowned singer from Reus Joan Masdéu presented the final, which brought together the eight 3rd-Grade ESO students who had won the regional qualification rounds, broadcast throughout the year by 8 Catalan local TV stations.
More than 700 people attended Cervera’s Gran Teatre de la Passió to see the qualifying competition, which will be broadcast on a deferred basis by the TV channels of the Local Audiovisual Network. The audience, mainly made up of 3rd-Grade ESO students of the participating high schools, cheered the contestants up at all times.
All the contestants showed a great level of spelling. The words, announced by the presenter, kept getting more and more complicated and had plenty of orthographic complications (dieresis, accents, hyphens, etc.). Among these contestants, Marta Altarriba (from Vic’s Jaume Callís high school) managed to overcome all the pressure and was crowned champion of the 4th Great Final of Pica Lletres, after showing an impressive confidence and command of language.
This year, the quiz has the support of the Local Audiovisual Network and the collaboration of the Paeria de Cervera, the Patronat de La Passió de Cervera, the Diputació de Lleida, the Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs, the adventure sports firm Lapica-Segre Mitjà, the computing firm Dr. Windows and the publishing house Editorial Moll.


Classmates winners from Institut Jaume Callís from Vic

Marta Altarriba, the winner


4th Great National Final of Pica Lletres at COM Ràdio (minute 26)

4th Great National Final of Pica Lletres at Catalunya Ràdio (min. 10’14’’)

4th Great National Final of Pica Lletres in El Punt Avui Newspaper

4th Great National Final of Pica Lletres in La Vanguardia newspaper

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