The premičre of Infancia Clandestina in Spain will be on Friday 21st!

The film selected to represent Argentina at the Oscars can finally be seen in Spain.

Based on true events that occurred in the life of the director (Benjamín Ávila), Infancia Clandestina explains from a child's perspective the experiences of a family of guerrilla fighters from the Montoneros group. During the military dictatorship, the family decide to come back to Argentina from exile to continue with the armed struggle.
The film has won several awards, among them the Casa de las Americas Award at the San Sebastián Film Festival 2011, the Colón de Oro at the Huelva Film Festival and 10 Sur awards (from the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in Argentina), such as the Best Fiction Film, Best Actor and Best Actress awards.
The film has been nominated to represent Argentina at the Oscars, and has been selected to represent Argentina for the best Latin American film.


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