I will be murdered

A documentary by Antārtida is a hit in festivals all over the world

The documentary I will be murdered (Seré assassinat), created by JWP in collaboration with Produccions Audiovisuals Antārtida, scoops up awards on the festival circuit all over the world. The British television station BBC premiered the documentary on the 25th February 2013. Since then, the film has been received good reviews and awards, the last of which being the Memoria Verdad y Justicia prize at the IV Muestra de Cine Internacional, in Guatemala. The documentary will take part in several competitions and festivals before the end of 2013, among which the following:
- International Literature Festival in Berlin, Germany.
- Chicago International Film Festival, U.S.
- EIDF International Documentary Festival, South Korea.
- Denver Starz Film Festival, U.S.
Canal + is planning to premiere the film in Spain on September 2nd.
Synopsis: In May 2009, a charismatic lawyer called Rodrigo Rosenberg was killed as he was riding his bike near his place. There is nothing unusual about this in a country such as Guatemala, unfortunately has a rate of murders four times higher than Mexico. What's extraordinary is that Rodrigo Rosenberg had the certainty that he would be murdered.


i will be murdered


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