I will be murdered (Seré asesinado)

This documentary co-produced by Antàrtida has received the Special jury mention at the Mostrasp Festival, in Brasil

I will be murdered (Seré asesinado), the documentary by JWP in co-production with Produccions Audiovisuals Antàrtida, has been awarded the Special jury mention at the Mostrasp Festival (Sao Paulo International Film Festival).

The documentary takes place in Guatemala, in May 2009. It tells the story of Rodrigo Rosenberg, a charismatic lawyer who was murdered while he was riding his bike in his own neighbourhood. There is nothing unusual about this in a country such as Guatemala, which unfortunately has a rate of murders four times higher than Mexico. What's extraordinary is that Rodrigo Rosenberg had the certainty that he would be murdered.



I will be murdered


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