Pica Lletres

The most important linguistic quiz in Catalonia begins a new season!

The 8th season of the show will take place on the 2013-2014  course. In the new season, over 10,000 students from more than 150 high schools will take part in the quiz, a classic among Catalan 3rd-graders. Throughout the whole course, students from all around Catalonia train to become the best speller in the country. But before they can become the champion, first they will have to win the regional qualifying rounds, which will be broadcasted through 16 channels from the Local Communication Network.

This year, Pica Lletres has two new challenges: El barbarisme intrús (The intrusive barbarism) and La definició amagada (The hidden definition), where the students' knowledge and intuition will be put to test.

After 8 years and over 100.00 participants, Pica Lletres begins a new season headed towards the 6th Great National Final. The final will take place at the end of the 2013-2014 course, and will gather the winners of all the regional qualifying rounds celebrated throughout the course.

The 5th Great National Final was broadcasted on September 11th in Canal Super3 (Televisió de Catalunya). The 5th Great National Final, presented by Espartac Peran and recorded at the Passion Theatre in Cervera, included the winners of all the regional qualifying rounds celebrated throughout the 2012-2013 course.

Guillem Mirabent, student at Vic High School, was the winner of the 5th Great National Final of Pica Lletres, after correctly spelling the word "DACTILOCOMPOSICIÓ".




5th 'Gran Final Nacional'

Guillem Mirabent, the winner


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