Rachel Hurd-Wood and Sergi López star the movie adaptation Second origin typescript

ANTÀRTIDA and IPSO FACTO FILMS are pleased to announce the beginning of the film SECOND ORIGIN, the awaited adaptation of Manuel de Pedrolo's novel Mecanoscrit del segon origen (Second origin typescript). The project was started by Bigas Luna. Renowned writer and journalist Carles Porta directs, produces and co-writes the film. The emblematic characters of SECOND ORIGIN will be starred by the English actress Rachel Hurd-Wood (The perfume, Peter Pan) in the role of Alba and Andrés Bastista and Ibrahim Mané in the role of Dídac as a boy and as a young man. They were personally chosen by Bigas Luna in a casting of more than 300 young actors. Sergi López (Pan's Labyrinth; Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien) will play the role of an enigmatic character. SECOND ORIGIN is an international coproduction written by Bigas Luna, Carles Porta, Carmen Chaves and Ross Jameson, with the collaboration of David Victori and Marcel Barrena. It's a science-fiction film that takes us to a completely vanished world, where the love between the only two survivors will be the origin of a new mankind. It's a universal adventure story with an environmental message: the environment is the essential element that will allow mankind to start again. The film will be shot in Lleida and tarragona. The shooting began on February 24 and will last for 7 weeks. A FX crew led by Ben Sheperd (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Big Fish) will recreate the post-apocalyptic remains of Catalonia. Other significant members of the film crew include art director Balter Gallart (El cuerpo, Los girasoles ciegos), photography director Albert Pascual (Jo sóc la Juani, El truco del manco) and English composer David Julyan (The prestige, Memento). The novel Mecanoscrit del Segon Origen was written in 1974 by Manuel de Pedrolo and sold more than 2,300,000 copies. It is a hallmark of the science-fiction genre, and one of the more important works in contemporary Catalan literature. Synopsis The whole of humanity has vanished. The only two survivors, the 20-year-old Alba and the 10-year-old Dídac, are living in a devastated world. In order to survive on this planet in ruins, they must start from scratch. Together they will have to rebuild not only their own lives but also those of the whole of humanity. Because when everything seems lost, love is the only survival handbook. SECOND ORIGIN is an international coproduction by Antàrtida and Ipso Facto Films (UK), with the collaboration of Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión Española and the support of ICAA, ICO, ICEC, Diputació de Lleida, Lleida town hall, the Media program, La Caixa, the Museu de la Vida Rural at Espluga de Francolí, the Fundació Sorigué, Fruites Font, Ekke and Acero Limpiador. The film will be shot in Catalan and English. For further information, contact WAW COMUNICACIÓ: Núria Costa Tel. 93 2955970 ncosta@workingatweekend.com Àngels Pérez Tel. 93 2955975 marketing@workingatweekend.com Jose Tirado Tel. 93 2955975 jtirado@workingatweekend.com


Alba and Dídac

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