Xavier Vinader, journalist. Against the dirty war.

The documentary on the journalist's life will be presented on Wednesday, October 15th, at Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Vinader, pioneering investigative journalist, took his commitment to the limit. He uncovered issues which proved to be very uncomfortable for the State and the extreme right. He proved the connection between the police and the extreme-right groups attacking the left wing, especially targeting militants of the Basque independence movement. He uncovered the details of this dirty war, and denounced that the State also killed people.

He was the first journalist in the Democracy to be exiled and imprisoned for political reasons.

For the first time, a documentary has access to that judicial process and uncovers documents from Vinader's personal archive, especially materials related to the ex-police officer who infiltrated in the Basque fascist groups.

Xavier Vinader denounced state terrorism. And the State used him as a scapegoat to teach investigative journalists a lesson.

A documentary by Àngel Leiro and Xavier Montanyà.


Xavier Vinader, journalist. Against the dirty war.

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