ALONDRA: A TRANSSEXUAL DIARY (Alondra: Historia de una transexual)

Alondra is about the life of Alberto Correa Correa, a transsexual prostitute who uses the money obtained to pay for a sex change operation.

Broadcast in December 2006 and January 2007.

Broadcasting sheet:
  • Channel: Cuatro
  • Format: Docuseries / Self-recording
  • Time slot: Late night
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Length: 45 min / 90 min
  • Target: Adults
  • Number of episodes: 3 + 1 long episode
Data sheet:
  • Direction: Danielle Schleif and Carles Porta.
  • Executive producers: Carles Porta, Loris Omedes and Tono Folguera
  • Production director: Iñaki Sagastume
  • Script: Carles Porta, Susana Guardiola
  • Editing: Ibon Olaskoaga, Verónica Rossi
  Alondra left home 9 years ago, when she was still a boy. This intimate video diary follows the circumstances of Alondra, a young transsexual who was born as Alberto, for the most intense 6 months of her life. Using self-recorded pictures, we get an insight into her sex change and the time when she visits her family, who only knew her as a boy.


Alondra: A transsexual diary

Alondra: A transsexual diary

Alondra: A transsexual diary


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