The effort and dedication displayed by a group of youngsters in order to realise their dream: taking part in the ice skating “High School Musical” show in Bilbao.

Broadcast in November 2007.

Broadcasting sheet:
  • Hot: Ilaski Serrano.
  • Broadcaster: ETB1
  • Format: Docutainment - musical
  • Time slot: Prime time
  • Frequency: Daily / Special
  • Length: 10 min / 60 min (special)
  • Target: Young people
  • Number of programmes: 15 + 1 special event
  • HSM Goazen Denok is a production of Zoopa and Antàrtida (with Disney license)
  • Production: Orio Produkzioak
  • Based on an original Antàrtida and Zoopa format

A group of youngsters from the Basque Country— keen High School Musical fans — make it through a gruelling casting involving thousands of young enthusiasts to be selected to take part in a unique experience: singing and skating on the HSM ON ICE Bilbao stage and meeting the stars of this international Walt Disney show. HSM Goazen Denok will give us a first-hand insight into the endeavours, excitement and excelling efforts shown by these youngsters in order to realise their dream. HSM Goazen Denok has become a major event. To mark the programme’s first airing, EITB launched a website intended for young people, with information on the new programme. At the time it received 11,000 visits a day.



High School Musical, Goazen denok

High School Musical, Goazen denok

High School Musical, Goazen denok


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