Bocamoll with kids, summer 2009 special edition

Last summer, Children starred in the special editions of Bocamoll.

There is plenty of humour and plenty of surprises in these summer special editions, with the participation of Pep Plaza.

Last summer, the set of Bocamoll made an important change, dressing up to receive the warm summer nights. Espartac Peran shared the set with a very special lifeguard, Pep Plaza, who with his imitations tried to save the contestants in moments of need. This entertainment show, which lasted 25 minutes from Monday to Friday, extended to about 50 minutes. These gala performances were aired on prime time. The world-prestigious Chapertons Company put the contestants to the test, with brilliant performances using the tools of their trade: tires.
There were new tests, such as "Veritat o mentida" (Truth or lie), where Pep Plaza turned into several different characters and told a story of the character’s life; kids had to say if the story was true or false.

Another new addition was "Pluja de lletres" (Letter rain), where the audience threw more than 400 rubber balls with letters on them and the contestants had to hunt them with nets. The aim was to form the longest word possible in order to get maximum score.

The test by the Chapertons Company (imagination, humour, poetry and tires) came after a small performance on the set. The contestants had to watch the performance with attention, and then answer a question related to the show they’d just seen.

All the contestants left with a prize. The first couple to leave got an iPod. The second couple to leave got an iPod and a Wii. The third one gambled everything in "On ho poso" (Where do I put it?); if they played it right, the contestants could win a trip for their family to any European city. Moreover, the couple that made it to "On ho poso" (Where do I put it?) also automatically got an iPod and a Wii.


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