El árbitro (The referee) travels to the USA.

This documentary was part of the official section of the Kicking and Screening festival.

The documentary El árbitro (The referee), produced by Produccions Audiovisuals Antàrtida and Orio Produkzioak, took part in New York’s Kicking and Screening festival in June this year. The festival was born out of the Americans’ ever-growing love for soccer. It is a meeting point to watch documentaries, films and short films devoted to soccer. Filmmakers can show their works and take part in round tables to discuss the production of the film. El árbitro (The referee) was part of the festival’s official section and was shown at “The man in the middle", a session devoted to the often forgotten and reviled figure of the soccer referee. After the film, there was a round table called “Whistle Blowers: Referees, Technology, and the Battle for the Human Element", headed by Justin Webster, the film’s director, and moderated by Adrian Healey, announcer at the ESPN.


El árbitro



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