Miquel Girončs, from Cassā de la Selva, wins the 3rd Gran Final Pica Lletres 2011

The word that won for him was “zingiberācies” (zingiberaceae).

The 3rd Big Final of Pica Lletres 2011 was held at the Poliorama theatre, with singer Lluís Gavaldā from Els Pets as the master of ceremonies.

13 students from 13 different schools took part. Each one of them represented, on the one hand, his or her school and, on the other, the area of Catalonia corresponding to the zone of local TV coverage that broadcasted the previous phase of the competition.

After a hard-fought competition, during which the contestants showed their very high level of knowledge, only three contestants were left: Aina Mārquez, from Vic's Jaume Callís high school; Martí Sala, from Caldes de Montbui’s Escola Pia high school and Miquel Girončs, from Cassā de la Selva’s La Salle high school, who won after spelling the word “zingiberācies” correctly.

If you want to see the report on the Big Final by the people at Info K, click on this link, then watch from minute 7:29’’ onwards.

And if you want to see a short clip of the Big Final, click on this link! Great final!

Pica Lletres is a production of Antārtida Produccions Audiovisuals, with the collaboration of the Instituciķ de les Lletres Catalanes (Catalan Language Institution).


Miquel Girončs

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