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Sunset Day, a short film produced by Antàrtida, has been selected to take part in the 57th Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI)

This is one of Europe's oldest and most established festivals.

J.A. Duran directed Sunset Day, one of the 8 short films selected to take part in the SEMINCI 2012. The short film, premiered today, will be screened in the cycle 'La noche del corto español' (The night of the Spanish short film), within the section Punto de encuentro 2012, alongside seven other short films. There will be only one winner. 
Sunset Day is set in the 40s; it tells the story of a boy with special abilities who is kidnapped by a mysterious organization called The Corp. After years of training, the boy has become an active member of The Corp, and he is forced to take a decision.
The director
J.A. Duran is a director focused on new technologies. He began his film studies at ESCAC, specializing in editing and postproduction. Although he ha a traditional background (filming in 16 mm and 35 mm), he adapted quickly to the new technologies adapted to cinema. One of the most characteristic features of his current style is the use of 3D and special effects in his stories, used to develop the film's narrative, which confers his creations a very distinctive look.
J.A. Duran has worked in many commercials and video clips, and he has directed two short films: “Sonata in Motion” and “Sunset Day”.
Recently, he directed the first educational documentary in stereoscopic 3D filmed in Spain, Energía 3D, premiered in cinemas.

Technical data

Director: J.A. Duran
Script: Ferran Grau, J.A. Duran, Laia Gil
Production company: Antàrtida Produccions
Producer: Laia Gil
Assistant director: Anaïs Pareto
Photography: Isaac Vila, Pau Esteve
Art directors: Estefania Ten, Verónica Durà, Maria Rodriguez, Dimitrios Donias
Costumer: Verónica Durà
Makeup: Sara Buira
Sound: Oriol Campi, Boi Martínez
Editing: J.A. Duran, Jordi Arañó
Music: Roger Costa
Special effects: J.A. Duran
Matte painting: Guillem H. Pongiluppi
Voice over: David Seys, Sarah Davison

Festival selections

SEMINCI 2012, Valladolid International Film Festival; Valladolid (Spain) - Section La noche del corto español/Punto de encuentro
Courtmétrange - Rennes (France) - Official Selection
Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival - Bruges (Belgium) - Official Selection
Fantastisk Film Festival - Lund (Sweden) - Official selection - Competing for the Silver Méliès
FANCINE XXII, The Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga
CHORTS 2012 - Caracas International Short Film Festival - Official selection
MadridImagen 2012 - Official Selection
Acollona't - Festival de cine Fantàstic i de Terror de Girona - Official Selection





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